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National Library
National Library
Question: Who can receive a library card?
Answer: Any person who reached the age of 16 and has a passport.

Question: Can I receive a library card if I'm not Minsk resident?
Answer: Yes, if you have passport or identity card.

Question: Can I receive a library card if I'm foreigner?
Answer: Yes, if you have passport or identity card.

Question: Can a child receive a library card?
Answer: No, the library card can get a person who reached the age of 16 and has a passport only.

Question: Which documents I need to receive a library card?
Answer: Passport or other document: identity card, residence permit, military card, the Republic of Belarus Ministry of Interior Affairs certificate, the Republic of Belarus Ministry of Emergency Situations. Furthermore, at the registration desk user should provide:
  • students of technical and professional colleges should provide student card;
  • students of institutions of higher education should provide student card;
  • scientists should provide certification proving the award of academic degree.

Question: Can I register in the Library by a drivers' license?
Answer: No. You have to provide your passport.

Question: How much is a library card?
Answer: 5000 BYR

Question: Which is library card validity?
Answer: 10 years.

Question:What should I do if I have lost my library card?
Answer: If you have lost your library card you should:
1) inform user registration and information department (phone +37517-293-28-54; +37517-293-25-84) to block your library card
2) receive the duplicate of you library card (you should provide your passport or other identifying document and pay 5 000 BYR).

Question: Can I come in the Library with a child?
Answer: No. The Library offers its information resources and services to persons who reached the age of 16 and have a passport. The Library users can leave their children between 3 and 8 years of age in the Children's room (feedback: (+375 17) 293 25 34,

Question:Can I come in the library with a friend of mine who has not a library card?
Answer: No. According to the point 5.13 of National Library of Belarus Code of Service "library card which has been issued to a particular reader may not be passed to another person".

Question: Can I receive a once-only library card if I have neither passport nor other identifying documents?
Answer: No, the Library doesn't provide once-only library cards. If a user has forgotten his or her library card at home, he or she can get a temporary library card.

Question: The Library's hours of operation.
Monday: 12.00-21.00
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10.00-21.00
Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 10.00-18.00
Every last Monday of the month the Library is closed for cleaning.

In summer (July 01 - August 3) the Library's hours of operation are:
Monday: 12.00-21.00
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10.00-21.00
Thursday, Saturday: 10.00-18.00
Sunday - the day off
Every last Monday of the month the Library is closed for cleaning.

According to a particular schedule work: Question: What should I do to participate in the Library tour and visit the observation platform?
Answer: You should order a library tour in the NLB museum and library tour department on the phone +37517-293-28-53, +37517-293-29-66 (Tuesday - Friday: 10.00 - 18.00.)

Question: Where can I ask, is one or another edition available?
Answer: You can get this information:
- at information desks asking assistant librarians or on the phone (+375 17) 266 37 37;
- in reference and information department (the 2nd floor, atrium) or on the phone (+375 17) 293 28 56;
- in e-Catalogue or in electronic copy of the alphabet catalogue on the Library web-site Virtual reference service "Ask a Librarian".

Question: Can I lend literature from the Library?
Answer: Only scientists working in research institutions and specialists having a scientific degree can lend literature. All other users should work within the Library.

Question: Has the Library electronic books?
Answer: The NLB's specialists perform the digitization of the NLB's collection. Today the Library disposes of the following electronic resources: electronic copies of publications by the Library specialists, archive of national periodicals, library of CD-ROMs, and databases.

Question: Until what time can I order literature?
Answer: If you want to receive ordered materials today, you should order materials until 1 hour before the Library closing time. If you want to receive ordered materials the next day, you can order them until the Library closing time.

Question: How much time does the items delivery for a user take?
Answer: About 30 min.

Question: Can I order literature on the phone or on the Library Internet site?
Answer: No for the moment, but in the future the Library will provide this service.

Question: Can I photograph materials from the NLB's collections?
Answer: The Library provides this service for charge (see the price list). You can photograph rare books and incunabula only.

Question: Can I brig my photo camera in the Library?
Answer: You can bring your photo camera only if you participate in a Library tour (see the price list). According to the point 5.14 of National Library of Belarus Code of Service, "users may not carry into the Library any printed materials (books, magazines, newspapers, textbooks, graphic materials, music etc.) videocassettes, cameras, personal copying machines, personal scanners or any other personal equipment for making copies".

Question: Can I print information from my own electronic media?
Answer: Yes, you can print information from your own electronic media in the Internet-centre (see the price list).

Question: Can I use a notebook within the Library?
Answer: Yes, but you can use a notebook with autonomous power source.

Question: Can I use the Internet within the Library?
Answer: Internet access is offered in reading rooms (1 hours free of charge), and in the Internet centre (see the price list).

Question: Provides the Library wi-fi Internet access?
Answer: Only in the Library Press - centre.

Question: How can I cite references of scientific papers?
Answer: You can visit trainings on citing references of scientific papers (dissertations, theses, project works, essays etc.) according to the Standard GOST 7.1 - 2003 "Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. Order of compiling" and the "Instruction on compiling of a dissertation, author's abstract of a dissertation, and publication of a dissertation", adopted by the Superior certifying commission of Belarus 22.02.2006. The trainings take place every last Wednesday of the month.

Question: Can I scan documents and make black-and-white or colored photocopies of documents?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can I make a photocopy from user's notebook or archive?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can I copy a dissertation?
Answer: No.

Question: Which newspapers does the Library acquire?
Answer: The Library acquires all newspapers published in Belarus. The list of foreign newspapers you can find here .

Question: How can I learn, which journals does the Library acquire?
Answer: All journals published after1999 are included into the electronic catalogue (in Russian). If you need information on a journal published before 1999, please call (+375-17) 293-26-55.

Question: In which reading room can I order literature in foreign languages?
Answer: You can order literature in foreign languages in the reading room where you are working.

Question: How can I learn when and where was published a law, decree or other legal document?
Answer: Please call (+375-17) 293-28-68 or visit the Official documents department or see the web-site of the National Legal Internet-Portal of the Republic of Belarus.

Question:Which additional services does the Library offer for charge?
Answer: See the Price list

Question: I am international student. Can I use the Library?
Answer: Yes, according to the registration procedure. You need a student card and an identifying document (passport).

Question: What can I do if the Library doesn't have a book, article or other document I need?
Answer: We can order for you from other library through the inter-libraries loan. For more information please call (+375-17) 290-37-32. e-mail

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