From September 10, 2007, to October 1, 2007, takes place an exhibition "National Library of Belarus in the World Information Space" dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the NLB.

     At the exhibition are collected the latest information resources produced by National library of Belarus, as well its publicity products.

     The exhibition totals over 200 items: books, journals, and CD-ROMs, as well illustrative materials: photos, postcards, bookmarks, and booklets. At the exhibition are exposed books of the Bible published in the last years, and the latest publications on the Library in periodicals.

     National Library of Belarus is republican information, social, cultural, and political center. It integrates our country in the world innovative and cultural processes and promotes the distribution of information in our society. The exhibition represents all sides of the Library's many-sided activity.

     We invite to the exhibition all who are interested in the activity of National Library of Belarus.

     The exhibition is located on the 3rd floor of the circular passage.

     Contact us for further information. Tel.:(8-017) 293-28-86