From September 20, 2007 to October 10, 2007 in Belarusian literature reading room (room 205) is open a book exhibition "The Height of Criteria" dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Vladimir Mihniuk, Belarusian historian, scientist, and pedagogue.

     Vladimir Mihniuk is a person of great erudition and bright destiny. He has a remarkable sense of human's dignity, energy, devotion to his work, openness and sincerity.

     He is author of over 450 scientific and popular science works on history, historiography, archival science, archeography, and history of Belarusian literature. A number of his works are dedicated to great Belarusian writers and representatives of Belarusian intelligentsia: Konstantin Ezovitov, Ivan Lutskevich, Vatslav Lastovsky, Bronislav Tarashkevich, Maxim Goretsky, Vladimir Dubovka, and others. Vladimir Mihniuk aspired to restore the historical truth and dignity of those who was repressed without guilt.

     Vladimir Mihniuk is as well the author of numerous articles, co-author of the book "Belarusian foreign policy" (in 8 volumes), commentator, editor, scientific editor and consultant.

     The exhibition presents over 100 works by the author published in different years.

     A particular section of the exhibition presents publications by various authors dedicated to Vladimir Mihniuk's life, scientific work and creative way.

     Contact us for further information. Tel.: (+375-17) 293-27-16