The new building of the National Library of Belarus


Technical and Economic Characteristics
Planning Decision
Readers' Places Projectible
Library Functional Areas
Founds and Staff Projectible
Location in Minsk
Architectural Decision
History Information
Modern State
  The National Library of Belarus is the main informative and cultural center of the country. Its informative resource includes 8 million units of storage on different kinds of media. In 1993 the National Library of Belarus got to create its own electronic informative resources. It generates a number of bibliographic, fact graphic, full text, graphic, sound and linguistic databases that actually include more than 2 million records. The repertoire of databases is quite wide: social sciences, history, art and culture of Belarus. The Library users have also access to databases of other libraries and informative institutions, including foreign ones.

The Library service is in great demand. More than 90 thousand Belarussian citizens are the Library users, which annually get 3,5 million documents. Every day the Library is visited by more than 2,2 thousand people. The Library daily delivers about 12 thousand documents from its funds.

Actually the Library is placed in six buildings, which general square is about 20 thousand m2. In spite of that the Library suffers from shortage of room for placement of its funds, users service and work of the staff.

Actuality and acuity of this problem has been understood and supported by the Government. Taking into consideration difficult material and technical situation of the Library, the 7 march 2002 the President of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko signed Decree 153 "Construction of the new building of the state institution "The National Library of Belarus".

The aim of construction of the new building of the Library is to create a unique architectural, building, program and technical complex destined to satisfy informative and cultural needs of users.

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